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help to set up the payment per booking

Hello I urgently need help for my accommodation on the Cape Verde. I have already written booking several times, but there is no help! My villa is on the Cape Verde. I live in Germany. I would like to set up that the complete payment transaction on booking runs. that means guests book, pay directly by credit card to booking and booking then passes the money on to me! this possibility does not exist so far. many guests Cancel because they are unsure and find it frivolous to transfer the money before. please urgently for help.

The only answer I got from booking is that there is no such possibility on Cape Verde. but my bank account is in germany. And other villas of this type offer it through booking and you can pay everything by credit card. also like to answer ***.

thank you ver much

best regards



Hi Magdalena Kovac,

Thank you for your post. Unfortunately, Booking payment is not available in Cape Verde yet. I'm sure you will be informed as soon as it is available for this region as well. 

All the best!