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Help with transfer payment settings

Good afternoon,

First of all comment that I've been on the platform for three weeks. I have set up the entire apartment ad but I am finding problems with defining how to receive the apartment payments.

On platforms like Airbnb these payments are made through the platform in my bank checking account.

In Booking, I only have the option of cash payments, which I don't like very much.

I have seen ads with the following message:


Payments through manages the payment of your stay on behalf of the accommodation, but be sure to bring cash to pay any additional expenses once you are there.


Pagos mediante gestiona el pago de tu estancia en nombre del alojamiento, pero asegúrate de llevar efectivo para poder abonar cualquier gasto adicional una vez estés allí.

How can I configure this option in the same way that Airbnb does by default?


Thank you very much!. Sorry for my english :D . It's not very good.

Isle of Wight …

And I've just replied to 2 other hosts with exactly the same question, so I'll copy and paste my reply ....

You need to send a message to via your Extranet and ask them to set up Payments by

If they agree, you can go live - be aware that will not collect damage deposits for you like with AirBnB/TripAdvisor etc - I've posted a partial solution for that many times .... may refuse to allow you to take payments via Payments by If so, keep your property closed and just use AirBnB / TripAdvisor / HomeAway instead. But don't give up, keep asking to allow you to take online payments.