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With Holding Relevant Payment

Dear All concerned ,

Kindly please be confirmed back as possible as for transferring money of the latest guest reservation one  and the method of payment commissions to .Then, we will do the procedure .

Your feedback will be very much appreciated  .

We are looking forward to hearing from you again .

Have nice working day !

Kind Regards ,

Veerachart Rontong 

Manager H.


Jureerat Intha…

Hi , 

Thank you for your prompt reply , so we will get back to check it up as your suggestion by the way, we will keep contacting as partner through this again !

Thank you in advance for always being good supporting too .

With thanks & Regards , 

Bi-Bam Boo Mountain House Team 


Booking partner is other hoteliers.  The help desk do not read your posts on here.

Jureerat Intha…

Hi !

Again ,sorry for this as we are under associated account so we are being updated the new instructions,and we are a bit confusing for that .

Thank you so much for you infos !

Have nice day too .

Regards ,

Veerachart Rontong

Manager H.