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Homelisting payouts and payments

Hello I am interested in listing my property. I manage my properties that is located in the states from my country in south america. The best way for me to receive payments is via bitcoin. Can I get assistance with setting up my payment payout methods to receive my payout through bitcoin and not bank. Thank you for the answers. 


Hi Alexa,

While I dont know the legal restrictions , etc I suspect you might not be allowed to rent property in country A while being a resident in country B. There might be an option to provide BDC support with the relevent document to prove ownership or right to mange a remote property as an agent on behalf of its owner. On the topic of bitcoin, it just not realistic. It likely will never be an option due to its nature.

There should be plenty of online banking options to use instead.

Either way BDC support dont respond to these posts so you really should goto 'contact us'  in footer of this page or mobile app.

Kind Regards