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Host Payment issues from

Hello to you all

I would be interested in hearing if any of our fellow Hosts have had difficulties.getting paid, we have not been paid for our April statement and after numerous emails and phone conversations with we are no further advanced in getting our money. As a small business this has caused us difficulties not to mention the time we have spent trying to resolve the issue, I have asked for management intervention but I am still going round in circles and feel that we are being fobbed off by both the customer service team and the credit control team. It is all very well getting bookings from the company but if you don’t get paid it’s obviously not worth doing, especially when you get paid the day after arrival with the likes of Airbnb. I would be grateful to hear if anyone else has encountered the same problems and how they managed to resolve them. Otherwise I fear that we will be leaving as we can not afford the uncertainty of not getting paid.

looking forward to hearing from you 


Diana Garcia 3 years ago

Hi Paul

Hello Paul unfortunately I am in the same problem I have not received my payment since April, I have been calling , emails every day for a month, no one is responsible no one wants to review my case in depth and every time I call someone tells me something different, today I sent  a copy of my bank statements where it shows that I have not received the money, because the response of booking is that the money was sent and they have not received any rejection, at this point I think they are lying as  I ordered proof of payment and they have not delivered any.

As you I am also a small business this has cause me an extra interest in my mortgage payments,

I don't know what else to do.

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In Our Liverpo… 3 years ago

Hi Diana 

i have just had yet another complete waste of time conversation within a supposed manager at, I am now going to compose a letter to watch dog, Martin Lewis and any one else who will listen. Also I am about to see if I can pursue the payment through the uk courts but I am not sure if this is possible as the only address I can get is in the Netherlands. Unfortunately I am a bit cynical and I think that they do this to a certain amount of Hosts each month giving them free use of our money and causing untold problems for their hosts without any consideration. Please keep me informed as to how you get on and I will do likewise.


Liz 3 years ago

Exactly the same situation for me.  This is absolutely atrocious.  I've been given the complete runaround with over this.  My bank has investigated internally and confirmed the issue is not at their end and that I need to go back to yet again (though easier said than done getting through on their phone helpline or getting a satisfactory response from the extranet messaging system.  Is this really how to treat your hosts?.  I have been with for 5 years now (that's quite a lot of commission for doing not an awful lot in my book!) and I have never experienced this sort of issue in all that time.

If I do not get an answer and this sorted our soon, I will also need to pursue through the small courts claim process (which will cost more time and money!).

Anne Poremskis 1 year ago

Hi there fellow hosts,

I see that these posts were approximately a year ago now, but I would be very interested to hear how things had progressed for each of you, and whether there had been any resolution to the payment issues you had been subjected to by I am currently experiencing what appears to be a mirror image of this terribly unfair treatment by with their host partners. This is nothing less than a David & Goliath story and it must be stopped. I wish you all well my fellow hardworking hosts. We deserve better...much better!   Shame on you for your exploitation and breach of our trust in you.

Penny McDonell 1 year ago

Hi Anne,

Yes we are experiencing the same problem and say it is a problem with the bank.  Very unfair and bad business on account.  I have sent 3 emails and had no replies and rang twice with no explanation.  It certainly makes you wonder if it is all worthwhile !!  We never have this problem with Air BNB, they are great to deal with and very quick to respond.