Hosting price

Why does booking change my hosting price below?


Firstly check all your settings in extranet.

1) Are all your rates correct for all dates?

2) Are you on the "Genius" discount programme? (min. 10 % off your normal price)

3) Check "promotions", anything active there?

4) Assuming all is correct, do you have cheaper prices anywhere else? If yes, Booking has found and matched them. In this case the price will normally be flagged in the customer listings, "Booking Basics" I think it's called.

Sasitorn Sinthop

This is the first time I've been made aware of BDC's marketing strategy #4)! 

Out of curiosity, Let's say I have a cheaper price elsewhere because they charge less commission than BDC, would BDC offer that same price and still charge 15%+ commission?