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Hosts complaining a lot about not receiving payments from

The amount of complaints with hosts not receiving money is rising. What is doing about this?

I have searched online whether I could see some explanation from their side. But can't find it. 

It would help if they would share about what is happening and what they are offering the affected hosts.

What is going on? host 

Aaltje B. New Zealand.

Thuild - Your …

Dear Aaltje,

You must understand that most of these cases are from hosts that do not have an implemented system to receive payments. That's the main cause.

Also BDC forces certain countries and properties to accept only 1 or two type of payout methods, which might not work at all for the respective owners.

This is why I'm helping such owners get their payouts and process such things for them.

Best regards,

Zsolt -

Crizel Carbellido

Hi. I'm a host from the Philippines and I haven't received any payouts from since December 2020? What should I do?

M Adamopoulou

Sorry to hear that!


Send them a message request through your Extranet inbox tab directly to


Wish you get paid the soonest 🌞


Hi Aaltje, nice post... and great observation. We are one such host who has not received any payments from despite more than 3 months of booking fees being withheld by

We have our payment system and bank account set-up with yet we have not received any payments.

Have been contacting but they have not helped in resolving the issue yet. In fact, they have barely even acknowledged our multiple emails and calls.

Funny how seems to have no problems collecting money from their hosts via commission payments... yet they have so many problems when it's THEIR turn to pay.

Expected much better from seemingly reputable company like this is causing us serious issues as our entire families income is tied-up in the outstanding payments... and nooone at seems to care at all.


If you gave your bank account details it doesn't automaticly mean that collects payments in your behalf.
Does on a confirmed booking (reservation details) says that handles your payment?
If it doesn't then you have to collect payments.

I still beleive that those who're saying that weren't paid it's because they thought is colecting payments although they are not (if you didn't activate feature Payments by BDC which is not available in every country).

Under your policies in extranet you can see your selected payment/payout method.

Aaltje B.

Thanks Pibo.

I am wondering if all these people that complain about not having received their money have all forgotten to arrange the payments to be collected by

I like to see proof of that from the persons who actually have these troubles. (to proof that they have had it arranged correctly)

Anyone who is in this situation, please reply and copy your settings to us as above.

Many thanks.


Aaltje B.

Aaltje B.

Second Pibomarco,

Why would it be so easy to make a mistake like "forgetting" the right settings .

The website and payment system should be set up so that there is no misunderstanding about the right setting, the right choices, whatever path people are choosing.

If this is the case, then it is a big crack in the system and BDC is responsible for upgrading.

And where is the money gone that hosts should have received?


Aaltje B.


Policies on BDC are very clear from my point of view. I beleive that some hosts that just joined make their own assumptions instead going carefully through the system, read policies ect. Or some people thinks that BDC have same policies, payout methods as AirBnB ect...

Money didn't go anywhere. The host should have charged the guest credit card or take cash at the arrival/departure (If they didn't activate "Payments by or "Online Payments").

I don't think that hosts complain a lot about this matter... It's just that one person wrote in three different threads for the same issue, so it looks like it is a "big deal".


That is not the case this is in fact happening a lot I am also in that group. My account has been researched by customer service several times and 'deemed' to be setup correctly, yet no one can explain why I have not been paid for any of my books since I listed my property over a month ago.Not only is it happening to a lot of people it has been happening for a while because this message is over a year old and its still happening today December 2020.


Have to agree with this.

We only relatively recently implemented advance payment. We were unable to process VCC before and were not too keen on BDC's alternate method of paying hosts. While we were open to customer abuse on payments this was a known risk. It would be nice if BDC had another method of payment (e.g. physical host collection card) for those hosts without VCC options but in the meantime....

However, by reading through extranet we were aware of the options available and how best to set ourselves up. Now that we do have the ability to take "cardholder-not-present" payments we have rejigged our settings to take full advantage of the ability.

We have not missed any payments since that time.

M Adamopoulou

I think pibomarco has a point about hosts not being informed. They are not reading policies etc. So far I have no problems with payments through BDC.

Helen Kopnina

I have contacted representatives for weeks - I am not being paid for reservations I have not canceled myself - nor did I allow free cancellation after a special grace period due to corona (I have strict cancellation policy), I keep getting replies: "we have forwarded your message to a specialist and they will reply within 2 days" for over two weeks, nobody has replied!!!!! What to do?????


We are currently affected by this problem, in NZ, and it's not through any fault of our own. We haven't had any payout from from October. They acknowledge there is a "technical issue" on their part and say they are "working hard to fix it" but have given no time frame. Meanwhile, are we expected to just keep facilitating guests indefinitely without receiving any payment? It is beyond inconvenient. 

Aaltje B.

Hi Nadia. 

Because of this reason I have decided to have guests pay on my doorstep, via Eftpos system. Yes, you have to pay a monthly amount to them, but at least you have your money the same day if on a working day. Otherwise only a few days later. 

You can also use that system to a market to sell things. Pretty handy.

My policy is flexible too, so no hassle with admin. It just suits us. But of course you could choose a different way. 

I also have joined with Air bee and bee and a Dutch platform and their payouts have not faulted. So it is worth it. 


Hope you get things sorted soon. 



Aaltje B. 

Like Home Sdn Bhd

Same here , we did not receive payouts since December 2019 until today January 2021. Before it we received payouts but since December 2019 no more . We have called million times but same answers “ we are working on it” but more funny that they closed account on november 2020 that we have outstanding with BDC. Then they found that they didn’t send to us payout and they give us extra invoices which is not belong to any reservations . It’s like looks our money they just want to take . Honesty already tired to chase them , there is clear that our payouts no paid and it’s about 5 thousands $ we already have no business during pandemic , they holding our money when we really need it because we are renting apartments and need to pay rents , salary etc. I think if we gonna find how many of us was affected I think there is a big amount and it’s must be solved . They can’t just simple take it 

Anne Poremskis

Hello there fellow Hosts, I am also in the very same situation at present. I have been with for just over two years and apart from a few payments being somewhat delayed, I have not experienced this level of avoidance by to resolve my delayed payments issue. I have repeatedly made phone calls to host support and sent emails raising a dispute with and posted comments such as this. I have been promised twice that my matter would be placed as a high priority and that I would receive a call from the Accounts Manager within the next 24-48 hrs. Nothing! This is a David & Goliath tale, and it must stop! We are hard working hosts to our guests and loyal partners/commission earners to The hardship and stress being caused to hosts in this display of arrogance by is simply unacceptable. I will be contacting the media to alert them to this issue and urge other hosts to do likewise. I wish every one of you the very best in your quest for justice.   

M Adamopoulou

Hi Anne,


Very sorry to hear about your payment struggles...


Hope you get paid soon by BDC and please keep us informed 🌞