Hotel Tax/Accomodation taxes

Can anyone help me in making sure the Hotel Tax/Accomodation taxes and city taxes is included in my fees for guests to see?

How has anyone been able to do this??

I have never collected taxes from previous guests since with this platform, now the sad realization is that I have to pay these hefty taxes....

Would gratefully appreciate any helpful feed back.


Do you guests need to see the taxes?  Everyone has taxes included in their rates but my guests don't see them and if they are on holiday they don't need to see them.  For a business guest I sometimes produce an invoice for their company and break it down for them, but this is outside Extranet.

As a business owner it is something you do need to be aware of no matter what the size of your accommodation.


Thank you Sharon Powney.

I appreciate your helpful feed back and will certainly do this toward future reservations.

More power to you.


Mirriam Balubal-Kraus


Thank you Sergei,

I will read up and follow through.

Thank you for your time.

Best regards,