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The hotel will close on April for maintenance

Dear Partner


Regarding from The Pago Design Hotel Phuket


May I please inform you that our hotel will close for maintenance on April and would like to ask you a favor for wave out any comission that guest already cancel booking and amend booking with out any charge as detail below:

Booking #*** amend date from 23 -26 Apr 2020 to 23-26 Dec 2020

Booking#*** , *** already contact guest for cancel please wave out comission


Best Regards,

Tipyavan Promsakul

Asst. Front Office Manager





You are not addressing BdC support team.


Reminder this is the partner community, they will never see this.


For each booking send via extranet inbox, booking messages, an individual request.


As for being closed you must close rooms and availability in extranet.


Only you can do that.


Kind regards, be safe be well