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Hotels and holiday accommodation (VAT Notice 709/3)

I've just had a guest query a 20% VAT charge on her bill.

1. We are not VAT registered and so would not be charging VAT on the accommodation, does charge VAT on the whole amount or just their commission.

2. If are showing a charge of 20% VAT, then why is it not reduced to 5% post 15th July in accordance with Hotels and holiday accommodation (VAT Notice 709/3)?

Any ideas out there?

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BrookAve 2 years ago




1.not being VAT registered doe not mean zero VAT to guest..

2. if the accommodation vat rate is wrong , contact BdC support to adjust it.


exactly what accomodation type are you?


I cant see your property link in your partner profile like mine, please add yours , as it can also help us help you at times.

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