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How to add important information about booking conditions

Hello all,

After having to cancel a booking due to lack of commitment (deposit payment) on behalf of a client, I would like to request an amendment to the important notes for clients that includes the following text:

"Bookers must pay half the booking fee in a 7 day period after their email confirmation, or shorter depending on the reservation date, in order to secure their reservation. They will be sent an email with details of payment and property's bank account in order to do so within 24 hours of their booking. We expect that bookers will be in touch with us to confirm the receipt of this communication and confirm the payment. Otherwise, their reservation will be subject of cancellation after the set period."

Can you advise on what is the best way to accomplish this on the property page of (this is beyond the set policies)?  Their advice on the phone was to drop them a note as their team is supposed to do this.  However, they have now advised in their in-mail to follow this up at the partner forum.


Team MILLA**





Three things


1. add it to the autom message for new reservations

2. add it to the fine print under view my desc under property menu.

3. add it to photos as text




Many thanks for your suggestions.  We implemented 1 and 2 long time ago, but 3 is a nice touch.