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How to become eligible for Payment by


Sorry for asking questions that have been previously discussed, but it remain unsolved with for months.

I have been applying for Payment by since late Feb as I find this suit me the best and I have been working hard to fulfil what I have been asked to do, after all the hard work and waitings, I was told recently that I am not eligible for the program without giving any reasons. I am therefore so clueless as everyone from tells me different story when I contacted them. Some say you have to fulfil this and then wait, some say you have to fulfil that and then wait…

Here are some of the criteria that I have been told to hit to become eligible.

  • Set payment method to Cash Only
  • Set room availability below 11
  • Paid invoice and set up direct debit
  • Complete more than 30 reservations
  • Wait for around 4-6 weeks to receive the “invitation”

I believe that many hosts here do understand the frustration having the payment method set to Cash only, anyone here can please share your experience on applying for the program? Are there actually any quantifiable parameters to assess each property for hosts to work towards to as I cannot see any finish line other than endless waiting.


Many thanks!

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Sharonpowney 2 years ago

I totally agree that having a Cash only payment method is frustrating, with lots of late cancellations and no shows that you cannot collect from.  When I first asked about processing payments I was told they did not do it in my 'area'.  I'm in New Zealand with a perfectly functioning banking system so not sure why.  But after a while operating with them I was sent an 'invite'.  If you can get on the program I would definitely encourage you to do so, paying the processing fee is worth it.  As a small business it is too costly for me to setup a EFTPOS system.

JC 2 years ago

Yes indeed.. with Cash only, I even had some fake bookings, some book a few rooms for a week and disappeared, when I google the phone number it is a popular fake booking no., it costs unnecessary extra work on handling reservations, but hoping to get payment by booking, so can only keep this setting.

Did you stay Cash only until you receive the invitation?

Thanks :)

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Sharonpowney 2 years ago

Had exactly the same problems.  Yes, I was only just starting to look at setting up eftpos machine, but luckily the invitation came in.  The cost of doing eftpos yourself is expensive.  Check out what your own bank charges as a start.

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BrookAve 2 years ago




Its a pity you did not finish your profile so we can see your listings and where you are based as that can help greatly understand an issue and give clues as to what can be done.


Please do so.


On the topic of Payments by BdC, its been said plenty of times on here, send message to BdC or phone them and request it immediately or you will take your business elsewhere.

Taking cash its not anoption and not have a way to take card payments means you require this service.


Take no nonsense from them , there is no excuse for them dragging it out.

Do a search for 'payments by booking' and you will see what IsleofWight had to say the same advise.

Kind Regards