How can I connect my Payoneer account with Booking?

Is there an option to add my Payoneer account to my property on Booking, so I can get the money for my property there instead on a bank account ( I m not able for opening a bank account at the moment)

Can you please help me with this? I'm new at this, any help will mean a lot to me

Thanks in advance




In general if you use Payments by Booking.com, you must provide an IBAN bank account info for the same country.


Unless this 'Payoneer' account provides both IBAN and the IBAN country match the property country then it is not an option.



PS: please update your profile with property listing link as it helps us other partners to know in order to hel pwith questions.. thanks

Community Admin

Hello Kristina Piperkova! Thank you for posting in the Community! Unfortunately, it is not possible to use a Payoneer account to receive payments. As Barry Reilly already mentioned in his comment, in case you are working with Payments by Booking, you need to fill in an IBAN in your Extranet account in order for us to be able to send the payments to you. Best of luck!