How can I find out which payment terms have been agreed, who charges guest, Booking or Me ?

At the moment I have guests in and I am not certain if the guest payment is to be, or has been charged by Booking.com or if the payment is to be made on location at check-in.

How can I find out which payment terms are applicable ?

Thanks anyone in advance for your help.


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M Adamopoulou

Hi Frans and welcome to the Partner Community.

In your Finance tab In your Extranet you can find details.

Hope this helps.

8 months ago
Aaltje B.

Hi Frans, 


Another Dutch speaking partner here in New Zealand. Any questions, fire off. There is lots to discover being a new host. 

Wishing you lots of lovely guests. 

Are you in town or rural? 


Aaltje B. 



8 months ago
Frans Keuning

Hello Aaltje, Thanks for your response and good luck with the kiwis. I was there for 2 years many moons ago. Finally built my rental property in Mexico while living in NL. Finding my way arround BdC is almost as challenging.

Groetjes, Frans


8 months ago
Community Admin

Dear Frans Keuning! Thanks for posting in the Community!


You can check your current payment method and/or change it under "Property" tab - "Policies", scroll down to "Guest payment options" section.


You can check payment method for each reservation in the Reservations tab by selecting "Reservation details".


Best regards.

8 months ago