How can I get accurate financial statements?

I've been trying to get a response from booking.com for many months on this. Here's the situtation:

I am in the UK, and rent a holiday property in France. I have to make a French tax return, which means I need accurate and detailed records.

I have been trying to sort out the year to April 30th 2020. IN June I downloaded a detailed statement from booking.com. The spreadsheet has loads of errors: figures randomly in wrong columns, many figures missing, two entire bookings for the middle of the period missing.

Even where the figures are given, they are wrong in many cases. Commission amounts differ from those shown on the customer booking details. Payment processing fees seem quite random. My fixed per-booking cleaning fee is simply omitted from some bookings in the list.

More recently (August) I tried again. Now I can;t go back before the previous August, and the format of the spreadsheet is completely different.

Trying to resolve all of this against bank records I find that some payments bear no relationship to any booking, and the total paid doesn't agree with any possible total - it's several hundred Euros out on a total of about 12,000.

I've spent hours on the phone to customer support. It is evident from their response that the agents are wearily familiar with this, but can do nothing.

I tried calling the Finance number (an international call). I was on hold for some minutes, then the call was hung up. The "Contact Us" button on the Finance page does nothing - and even if it did, doesn't allow me to send things like spreadsheets.

I get no response at all from the normal Extranet email channel.

I've emailed customer services directly and got an automated response that shows that no-one has read the email "please provide more detail" when the details they asked for are in the original!

I tried phoning head office in Holland. Long recorded message, then it hung up.

The only recourse I now have is to send a tracked letter to head office with the full details, pointing out that in the event of action by the French tax authorities I will hold booking.com responsible.


If there is a single human in this benighted organisation who is able to A: read this and B: respond sensibly PLEASE get in touch. My property ID is ***.

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Keith Oborn

I don't know whether there is any relationship to my attempts to get some information and action, but I am now getting multiple emails per day with my "Monthly Statement of Account" for August 2020. Not only is this not what I need, but also the statement is itself wrong!

23 days ago

You have posted this on the partner forum.  No one from booking.com will call you from posting on here.

If you only have 1 property I would suggest you set yourself up a excel spreadsheet and record bookings, income, costs, etc in it.  Really simple to do and then you know it is right.

23 days ago
Keith Oborn

I fully understand that, and of course I have long recorded my revenue myself. BUT: the French authorities REQUIRE a statement from the booking service (Homeaway and AirBnB provide these). The problem is - and I see I am not alone - that the spreadsheet reports Booking.com provide are wrong: they omit entire bookings, data is randomly in the wrong columns or missing, and even when it is all there it bears no relationship to what is actually paid. I have found that the most accurate method is to laboriously collect all the client booking detail sheets, as these seem to give the closest figures to reality. I cannot understand how they manage to produce multiple different "views" of the same set of transactions. Two report spreadsheets downloaded a few months apart have different figures for the same bookings, and neither of them agreed with the booking detail sheet or the actual payment - so that is FOUR DIFFERENT set of financial details for each booking! 


SO what I am really looking for is if anyone has found a way to actually get anyone in Booking.com to even acknowledge this problem?

5 days ago

We too have had issues.   The Amount being paid to me does not tally with the figure in the 'net amount' box.   Three weeks ago I was paid 60€ short.  The current one is 20€ too much.  I have spoken and written to customer services to no avail.  I only get a standard response from Extranet and the Finance phone number never answers.  I was told I would be rung but it has not happened.   How do we get someone to deal with our queries?

22 days ago
Sergei - Commu…

Hello Janefryer! Unfortunately, other fellow partners can't help you with this. Please keep on trying to reach out to the support.

21 days ago

Thank your  Sergie, Everytime I send a message to customer services, I get a standard reply telling me to send a message through my extranet.  Everytime I send a message through extranet, I get a standard response sending me to the partner forum.  Every time I telephone I get someone who says they are going to expedite my issue to Finance and somebody will ring me.  They dont!  Every time I ring Finance there is no answer.   Who is responsible for dealing with our issues?

3 days ago