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How can I get paid from no-shows or cancellations.

Hi all,

Hope everything finds you all well. By the moment I am charging my guests in cash in Ecuador. However, I want to charge them when they cancel or do not show up. What are the options to charge them when it happens? In the past, I was selecting the option to charge them but did not send me any money. Do I have to add a paypal account? or a credit card service for charging guest? Does Booiking offer any kind of service to transfer me tha money to my bank account in Ecuador or to my credit card directly? 

Very grateful for your help.


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Unfortunately if you are charging guests in cash you have no way of making them pay if they cancel or no show.  The type of people that do this will then not answer any messages you try to send them to try and make them pay. will not have taken their credit card number to get them to pay and will not do anything about it.  If you are able to, it is a good idea to get to process payments for you.  Email and check if they do it in your area.  They do charge for the processing but it stops people booking and not showing up and you will be able to do a cancellation charge.  On the whole it works out more cost effective.

Isle of Wight …

Cash is never a good idea. The no-shows and cancellations are most likely fake bookings. Ask to set up Payments by If they don't allow that, switch to AirBnB.


List on a few, depending on the type of property.  Majority of my bookings come through, then (who process everything for you without any additional fees) and occasionally from airbnb.  Nothing stopping you listing on all and synch your diary.