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How can I stop the Genius discounts?

We don't want the use the Genius discounts because we have the same price for every client. But this is something makes automatically. As a result we have to discuss our rates with clients who used the Genius program, which we didn't install.It makes us / our accommodation unreliable in our rates, and as well, because it is very confusing for our guests.





You would have enabled it when you first started as it is not on by default.


You can opt out by room or opt out entirely.


Keeping it on just one room type is the smart way to handle it. :)


You cannot change the price of a booked room no matter the rate plan or promotion, even if you made a mistake, its illegal to do so.

THe Price Displayed Is THe Price Paid


Simply go to the Genius sub menu option in Extranet to alter the settings.


When I say Extranet, i do NOT mean the pulse app on phone.



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