How to charge cancellation fee to guests and how i will get these money?

hi. if i waive cancellation fee how i can to get these money? have i to upload my credit card inmoration? if yes where? i have only cash payment in my guest house

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If you have waived the cancellation fee why are you expecting to be paid.

Waiving the fee means you have allowed the guest to cancel free of charge.

For future cancellations where you wished to be paid as per your cancellation policy.

1) If you are using Booking.com collect payment then your cancellation fee will be paid on the normal rotation of fees.

2) If you get paid by the guest at the premises (assuming they arrive) then you need a system where you can charge the guest. Off-line EDC or third party system.

8 months ago

Hi, Booking number:
Budget Triple, was reported as 'No Show', Cancellation fee according to our policies and what we have agreed on: US$ xxx
We has still not received the 'No Show' fee, Kindly let us know the status.

Furthermore I am unable to send message to booking.com, as it indicates 'An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later, tried several times for past one hour,

Thank You

8 months ago

I have added bank details. Will i get money on this bank account ?

8 months ago


As its mentioned in Booking FAQ this service is not available everywhere. And in this case the solution for you is to signup with third party payment provider, for example with this one to charge your guests in advance.

8 months ago

Take a look for ET payment gateway, they can authorize (validate) guests card details and even charge guests on your behalf. We are using them for few years and pretty happy with it. 

P.S. - We running a guest house in Sri Lanka

9 hours ago