How to charge guest without POS terminal?

Dear all, I would like to ask for help - we don't have a POS terminal, so we are not able to charge credit cards. I have activated Online Payments by Booking, but still, when the guest wants to finalize his reservation, he still gets also the option to pay later by credit card.

What did I do - In Policies I marked that we are not able to charge credit cards and yes, we want to use online payments. What happened? The guest can make a reservation without any payment option - no paypal, no online payment option, without credit card. I don't understand the logic behind this setting...

What can I do? Customer service is not responding to this question for weeks now..And I don't want to ask the guests to make a prepayment on our bank account, because you never know, if they actually answer and if not, can I cancel them?

What would you advice?

Thank you in advance!

Martina from Huelin Park Apartment


If Payments by booking.com is set up you should not charge the customer as booking.com is sorting it all. The difficult thing is that different hotels work differently for payments so guests aren't always sure they have paid booking.com direct or need to pay you at the hotel.  

Confirm with booking.com help team that everything is set up for 'payments by booking.com' and all guests after that will be fine.

Martina Maseková

But how? When the customer doesn't need to add any credit card detail at the time of booking? Have a look at the screen shot -  this is what you get as customer, when I as hotel mark in Policies, that we do not accept credit cards, but we do wish to use online payments.

No credit card detail needed


Hi Martina , 


Firstly share please  your listing link and also add it to your partner profile for future reference.


lets not go blind into this.


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Second there is a service known as a Virtual Terminal, but in my experience you usually have to sign up for and payfor a handheld device first fr omthe same provider.


  • sumup.com is one such example ,and then payrexx.com (with stripe.com)
  • sumup.com have a partner sign up link that looks something like this.
  • https://sumup.ie/bookingie/
  • Try that and see if it allows or redirects to your region/country.
  • You tell them your merchant type is accomodation. 
  • They send you a handhell device for a once off charge, that was very cheap.
  • Then you request the virtual terminal so you can do things like prepay deposit, or take prepayment.

Thirds is even simpler and only costs a < 2% charge called Payments by Booking.


Guest at time of booking prepays BdC, then after checkout and based on the payout option you pick you get paid 4 times a month or on 15th of the following month.


This is the one I reccomend if you dont use deposits etc. nor need to charge after arrival.

Kind Regards

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Martina Maseková

Thank you, I will have a look at sumup. This is my first time at Partners Forum, so I am sorry for some mistakes :)


This is not the Help desk it is the partner forum.  It may be you don't have Payments by booking.com set, in which case you will need payment in cash if you don't have POS machine.  But it is not possible for me to see your setup to help further

You really need to contact booking.com help team using Inbox icon on Extranet or give them a call see link for local phone numbers.