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How to collect payment from Guests on

Hello, I have a terrible problem is collecting payments from the guests. We used to have card swiping machine (POS) but we could not collect payments even having all Credit Card or debit card information because Government has introduced OTP (one time password) for all transactions. This is an extra security measure and OTP is being received only on the Guest mobile. Guest will never like to share OTP with the host and they should not. 

My guests book my properties 6 months in advance without any payment and cancelling the reservation at the last moment. Our policy is prepayment after reservation of the property but we make refunds if guests cancel 14 days before arrival. Guests do not want to pay via depositing in our account or Internet Banking or Paypal or payment via credit card link. They just want to prolong the payment till the last minute. 

Couple of times I have spoken with to solve this problem using VCC (virtual credit card) but their answer was that it has not been introduced in India. We have noticed that once guests make payment then host has less cancellations. has asked me to discuss this in this forum. Do you have any suggestion? Thanks

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Can you take Payments by Is that available in your country?

We have it here in the UK and it's good for us - guests pay when they book and we have a non-refundable policy. Commissions are 15% but we just increase the nightly prices to cover that.

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Hi, in India does not collect payment. policy is that HOST should collect payment from the GUEST.

We also have non refundable policy too but guests do not pay money after the booking. Our cancellation rate is almost 86%. This is due to non payment of money after the booking and then cancellation afterwards. Guest is simple prolonging the payment till the last moment.

Even if there is cancellation from the Guest, does not mind charging their own commision irrespective money has been paid or not! In many instances, guest has cancelled the booking after informing but commission invoices are ready. 

I feel that only solution is to take some (15-20%) or full money (100%) at the time of booking and collecting rest before arrival. Or introduce system of VCC! In this respect, what other hosts are doing?

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You have a way of processing all those payments, however that requires a fair amount of work.

I could help you with this as I do hotel consultancy and one part that I focus on is payment processing.

Contact me via my website and let's chat about this.


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