How to collect prepayment?


My business is in France. I have a terrible problem is collecting payments from the booking.com guests. We must have a prepayment. We used to have card swiping machine (POS) but we cannot collect payments because Booking.com does not make available passcodes. What are the solutions offered by Booking.com? How do other hosts handle this problem? Thank you in advance.




Normally as I understand it you either use 'Payments by Booking.com' or its direct , typically on arrival. However that is not to say you can use the automatic messages to require the guest to contact you to make and or confirm prepayment via several possible methods such as SEPA, BACS, Paypal, etc..


Most of this info can be placed into the first automatic message the guest gets from you on submission and acceptance of the booking.


The caveat is that there is no guarantee they will read the messages or understand them. I do believe the booking.com messaging system will auto translate your message to the guest default language.

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