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How to contact personnel

Good  day  all  ,

My  name is  Bakang  Nkala  , I have an   account  with but  has  been  cancelled  due  unpaid  commission.I  have  been  trying  to  contact  them  for  sometime  now  but  have  not been able  to  so . Kindly  assist  with how  to  contact  them  so  that  I make  payments  and  continue  being  partners  with  them.I am  based  in  Kasane  , Botswana .

Your  rapid  response  and  assistance  will  be  highly  appreciated  .


Kind  regards 

Bakang  Nkala 

Lavender Home 2 years ago

Hello there,

you need to contact your account manager to reinstate your account.

also make sure you call  +31 (0)20 71 33 555 for the financial department to discuss how you can best pay your outstanding balance before anything.

Good luck!

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Community Admin 2 years ago

Hello Bakang Nkala! Thank you for posting in the Community! For issues with your invoices, please contact our financial department via your Extranet account. You need to click on tab "Finance' and then "Financial Overview". In the new page you click on "Send us a message". Don't forget to include the number of your invoice. Best of luck!