How do I avoid cancellation

 2% rate of successfull booking on booking.com.

most are cancelled and non-show.

I have set on the setting the my rooms/units are non-refundable and yet booking.com doesn't collect the payment ahead of time. Frequently, customers book and cancel and book again when the priced dropped down. Most of them never showed up at the property. 

I have lost lots of days because of these.

i cant find booking.com contact number in South Korea so I could speak with their representative.


Any idea? please advise. thank you

Anneth Bun-as at

Anneth's home for your Geoje City

Uneek Upneja

Hi there,

You can contact booking.com by sending them a message using your extranet page. You can see a link to contact booking .com in snip shot below in highlighted part

Hope it might help you.

Good Luck!!

Uneek Upneja


I am on the page. I don't see any email add or phone number to contact. They have only the forum and tips.


too bad experience with Booking.com one of the sites who don care for their hosts !!!!!!


Maybe BDC operates a different system in South Korea. In the UK I collect the pre payment from the guest. I do this upon receipt of every booking.


Please help me. I want to establish non refundable tariff. How I have to add my bank account? Or how it works?