How do I receive the payout?

Dear colleagues,

Could you please help with the following:

How could I withdraw money which is now at my booking account? 

I have switched to cash money and now I would like to withdraw all the money I've earned from credit card bookings. In order to do this, I've connected a bank account to Booking. But I don't see any button to withdraw the money. How to withdraw the money to the bank?

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Hi Eugene,


There is no withdraw feature it has to be pushed , transferred by BdC to your bank account.


Typically it will be based on a fixed date such as on 15th of the moth and then up to 10 days for the transfer to complete, though it usually is complete in 3 days. Will vary by region.


Message finance team or call support team to clarify.


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PS:  Link your property in your partner profile , please. How-To is under my articles. Click on my name to access them.