How do i reconcile Reservation number on my bank account

I am trying to put a guest name to a payment on my bank account received from Booking.com

The reservation number looks like this *** but all my Booking.com reservation numbers

look like this *** How can I identify who the payment is for if all i have is the *** number that does not co-inside with the booking number. Can anyone help me work out from my bank account details for who that payment is.





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I would concur you are approaching this completely wrong.


You can see all the relevent info under Extranet > Finance/

Such as


What you need to do is look at the pay out statements, and their total amount.

then after that the list of reservations within.


Remember payout period is only for all checkouts within that period of time.



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Maurice Visser

Thank you so much for explaining, Extranet > Finance/ give us the statement

of the list of reservations paid with that one bank deposit from Booking.com. A bank payment could be more than one reservation at a time. Now i understand how it works,