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how do i send an invoice to a guest?

how do i send an invoice to a guest?


Have you tried sending them a message and using the 'image' to attach.  Otherwise ask them their email address.

Paula Celeste Rich

I have the same issue. says I am responsible for invoicing my Guests for the deposit, pet fee, bike rental etc (unlike ANY of the other booking sites I use!) but I have searched for HOURS and can't find how to do that!


Hi I just had this today for a future polish business booking. This is how I resoved it...

  1. Go to the BDC reservation, note the email address , full amount paid no name provided etc
  2. Use something like microsoft excel and pick an invoice template fill out
  3. If they provide a VAT number and you are VAt registered you simply , split the line item versus the vat line and they should still total up to the full amount paid by the guest.
  4. If you are not VAT registered that is fine, you simply invoice the full gross amount.
  5. Once all is done , simply export save as PDF and then email it to them and its done.