How do you manage same day cancellations?


I received a booking yesterday evening for today. I contact the guest requesting arrival time and payment method. We offer to pay by CC but we also accept payments in cash at check in, as we are not yet allowed to pre charge and, for last minutes reservations like this one, there might be no other way.

This morning, the guest cancelled the reservation shamelessly requesting to waive charges.

How I am supposed to charge the cancellation? (we are not yet entitled to see CC details neither)


Aaltje B.

It all depends on your settings, Tomas.

when they are strict you can make it a no show, and you can charge the guest. You can report that to BDC within the Inbox tab.

There are a few changes coming or have already arrived, so have a peek at other questions about this topic under search.

hope this helps


Aaltje B.


It's not possible to make it a no-show, because it's been cancelled. By the way, I don't know what does de NO-SHOW serve for, as it has happened to me before and nobody has paid anything to me, even tough I marked as "no-show".

There are no few changes, I don't have time to peek here and there for an answer on how to receive the money from a guest that makes a reservation and cancel it the same day of the check in.

I have already been peeking, tough, before opening this thread. Of course, in one of the threads, the answer was "Search for other threads".... THERE ARE NO REAL ANSWERS!

The service from Booking is really poor. We new hosts are left without any type of reassurance.



Here's a real answer


Your cancellation policies, if set up correctly, will be the basis of the above.

The no show is for exactly that. The guest has not cancelled but also did not arrive, mark the guest as no show, you then have the option to waive the charge or not. If you have no way of charging the guest's card then best to waive the charge. You lose the payment but BDC also do not charge you commision. Failing to mark a no show leaves you liable to pay commission whether you have been paid or not.

However, if you manage to obtain a system to charge cards without the physical card, you mark the no show as do not waive charges. You get paid and BDC will also bill you for the commission.

Obviously with such a system you may charge the guest for cancellations as per your policies.