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how to generate invoice?

i cant a way how could i generate invoice to get my payments , moreover on extranet they dont show whether guest is prepaid or need to pay at reception. they just write ok in payments what if you improve things on your extranet website i had already lost 4000 due to this ok. i had already been 2 months neither i can find a way to generate invoices nor they are generating it automatically , i can't even find how to contact with them no emails. they just send a mail you have a new booking nothing else. i think its fake

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BrookAve 2 years ago


You should already know who you are getting paid. or direct.


Same for knowing what type of rate plans you have refundable , non refundable or both.

You cant manage this blind you need to know what you are doing first and foremost.


You should message finance team to address this or phone support to walk you through rates and policies.