How to get contact data of a guest who has can cancelled, who got a voucher, and whose communication via booking.com has been deleted


A guest has cancelled his booking in 2020, then has got a voucher by me, but now I cannot contact him any more, for the communication channel has been deleted via booking.com after the cancellation. 

How can I get the contact data (mail, phone) from the guest to contact him, in order to assure he can use his voucher for a booking in 2021? 

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john talbot

iam asking why i have not been paid the correct amount for a booking 


john would you kindly ***back to your own topic please, and stop hijacking other topics. 

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Hi Wieland


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anywho getting back to your topic.. typically once a booking is made and you have under policy page enabled guest must provide address and phone number it is a good habit to then make a note of it elsewhere ..

even after a guest departs , 7 days later the message feature will block messages.


You could message or phone BdC support to see if they will make an exception and provide it. via:

Contact BdC- Location of Partner Only Phone number and Message methods



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