How to get no show fees back from Booking.com?

Hello anyone please help...

I am new host last year charged no-show guests full penalty fee and I paid commission. How can I get back these payouts of no-show fee from booking.com?





Hi Tracy,


If I read this right you want to apply to get refunded commission on No Shows from last year or since you joined last year up t onow?


Puzzled as to why you think that is a thing


If  guest is a No Show , you must marked it as a No Show, then you get paid if it wa prepaid to you directly or BdC VCC, or Payments by Booking.


If not prepaid and marked No Show, then there is no payment.

i.e. the guest was meant to pay on arrival directly.


I do not think you wil be able to do anything , but no harm in asking directly, see below guide.




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TracyLaiKit Pong

...My case is different, good to let new hosts know to avoid the same.  -I am single new host not hotel, I can only collect cash on arrival after I turned off « Receive payouts from Booking.com » because I cannot open a bank account in my property country in France on time, as payouts can only be paid to where my property is.

-I received many No-Show and many cancellations. Hence I could not have new guest during peak period.

-I noticed that booking.com had collected credit card information from guests when booked and did check its validity. Of course I could not view the credit card information. I wanted to collect payouts by choosing full fee on no-shows. I paid for all commissions on no-shows. My room is empty without guests during period. I opened a bank account finally in France within a year since first no-show fully charged by booking.com and a « Received » word showed in my Pulse account besides section of payment and beside the sentence saying that I am not allowed to see the credit card information. I updated my bank information in Pulse asking for payouts of the past no-shows full fee within a year’s time limitation.

-No payouts. 

-So, as a new host, I should be paid commission since June 2019, or over 800 euro, to booking.com just because I turned off payouts from booking.com or I chose full fee on no-show.

-Should I entitle the payouts of no-shows which had been received by booking.com?

I want help on my questions above, which I had asked booking.com and finance centre many times. They asked me to get help here. Best regards, 



 I had asked booking.com and finance centre many times. They asked me to get help here. 

That is NOT legit, no way a BdC staff  member said go to Partner Community for financial help, as no one here can do anything like that.


Only the BdC Support team process can be used , i.e. message or phone them directly.


I advise you ring the UK phone number if you  are dealing with FR contact number.


  1. Contact BdC- Location of Partner Only Phone number and Message methods
  2. contact one of our main lines