How to get the non-refundable booking fee, in case guests have not showed up and have not paid in advance?

I talked to guest the day before, she comfirmed arriving around 3-4pm.

I have been waiting till night, she did not pick up the phone, she has never arrived, so I marked this booking as a no show, also did not waive the booking fee, because the guest did not cancel, nor picked up the phone.

According to booking policy this booking could not be cancelled within 7 days of arrival.

How to get the non-refundable booking fee, in case guests have not showed up and have not paid in advance and I do not have access to her credit card number? Will booking charge her credit card? Or no chance and I shalll just say goodbye to this payment? How to avoid such situation in the future?

Many thanks, David



Hi David,

As the saying goes... you cant get blood out of a stone.


So the only solution is enable prepaid only.


Either to you via a service provider or sign up for payments by booking.


Kind regards

SAS4 Cathedral

Hi BrookAve,

Thanks, thougt so, but still I hoped there is some better protection for host in case of a trivial breach of contract.

Can you please give further info about / name some direct payment service providers which are compatible with Booking.com system and you would recommend as top3? My proeprty is located in Europe (Budapest, Hungary). Or just a link within the community / QA / help where I can do further research and select one?

Many thanks, David




So unfortunately there is not real much here about 3rd party services other than those who use them and share their experience of them.


I know its strange considering the registered partner count is enormous but only a handful bother to post here.


any research you will need to do via search engine, so look for :

  • channel manager /PMS
  • PoS / ePoS
  • payment gateway providers



  • square
  • izettle
  • sumup
  • payrexx
  • stripe


You could also look at Payments bY Booking or Bdc Online Payments (vcc) requires method of charged a CC/VCC remotely.


Payment method ideas

  • send guest a payment link
  • send guest a message with bank transfer info / IBAN.
  • guest must pay with in x hours/days, else reservation voided, and you can cancel it.