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How to I confirm a guest and remit commission to

Hello Team,

Im new to

I received my first guest today.

How do I confirm the guest arrival and how do I remit commission to

I am in Ghana, I can make paypal payment and I can make a bank transfer or card payment.

Looking ford to your response




This is partner forum not support forum so 99% of the time its other partners replying.  

  1. Confirm Guest arrival: Using the portal or the pulse smart phone app, logon and you are presented with a dashboard showing the latest bookings.  Simply tap one to open and review the booking. In there is also a chat window showing any auto messages sent. You can simply reply ot post a new message. This system will even attempt to translate from your language to the guest language if different. The guest will receive your messages in both their account website inbox and the inbox on their smart phone app, along with an email copy in their email inbox.  
  2. Commission payments to BDC In the dashboard menu, goto Finance, choose Financial Overview. On Right Payment Information, you see ' Your current payment method'. Followed by BDC bank info which you then use to add them as a Payee or SEPA payee on your bank to make payments. Alternatively use the option marked '  example [note that info below may be different for your region or country, so do not try to use it.]

Kind regards


Hello Oyster! Thank you for your post and welcome to Partners Community. These are really important questions. I would recommend you to look through our guideline about your first steps with, I'm sure it can really help you. You can find it here

If you still have questions after you read it, please, write them in the comments.