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how to know if guest has prepaid for their reservation

I received a new reservation.  How do I know if the guest has prepaid and how I will receive my payment?

Status on the reservation just says "OK"

Does anyone have a good number to contact  I tried the 1-888-850-3958 number.  They keep asking me for numbers I do not have.  I have my property ID number  and my pin....   but that is not getting me anywhere.  Thank you

Carol Kudamik 2 years ago

thanks....went to the page and no phone number avail.

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi carol


Silly question but who do they prepay you or BdC?


Is your rate non refundable?


As for payment status just click and open their reservation details page, scroll down and you will see it.


The fact you say its marked as ok, by itself usually is enough, but without knowing or seeing your property listing hard to confirm


Please share link to it and add to your profile

Carol Kudamik 2 years ago my answer  ....not paid... i have to wait till closer to the reservation to see the cc and then collect