How to maintain rates in this pandemic

These days its very tough to maintain rates as per market because demand is not as per requirement and rates are getting down.

M Adamopoulou

Hi Krish!!!


It is indeed very difficult to maintain rates...as many guests are not only looking for low rates but also special offers...


Hope this situation soon changes...


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michael beeston

Hi Maria....Yes difficult times indeed and competition is "tight" with Special Deals All over the place !!, especially from Hotels in Queensland !!!!  Ahhhhhhhhhh !!!.......

We have decided with our 10 Review Score in The Pinnacle to INCREASE our price because I believe people are not travelling International so the extra few dollars we will charge is nothing compared to what they would normally spend............If you have something Special (like our Apartment) then don't be frightened to increase the price.

Something different !!.I see BDC continually tell us to give more discounts/more Genius discount/special early booking discounts........FORGET IT...We also have to make a PROFIT, we don't do this for Fun !!

What do other Partners think ????...."Think Quality Not Price"........Good Luck everyone.

Aaltje B.

That is the big difference with A and B! 

For B the hosts pay more, and now with more cleaning products to be purchased we also have more costs. 

Cleaning windows: I mix water with dish soap and vinegar. That is cheap, but all the other products I buy now are not. 

It is such a fine line Michael...... When I had my prices lower, guests stayed longer. 

I do notice when people stay longer I don't have to clean sheets every day, but have lots of extra rubbish that in the end we also have to pay for. 

Wished we could return glass bottles back to the shops like in Holland, that would really help for the extra cash, haha. 


My guests get a super clean house, but there is at least one extra hour involved to reach that status, and if there are official cleaners involved, who's gonna pay for that? 

So far I have been able to do that all myself, but when people can't anymore, the platform will loose hosts. 

We battle on, because I like the contact with the people. 

It is the nice contact with the people that we remember in the end. That is why we continue. 


Greetings from the land of New Zealand. 


M Adamopoulou

Dear Ella, from the land of New Zealand...


My captain friend that has traveled all over the world has told me that the only country that would love to visit over and over again is New Zealand....

”It’s heaven on Earth”


I also like the contact with guests but expenses are expenses and prices in all products keep on rising...


Dear Ella, please don’t forget to share with us your stunning photos ?????



michael beeston

AGREE !!!.a damn fine line indeed........We cater for a different clientel  (Anniversarys/Birthdays/Honeymoon) and can increase the price as we ONLY have two people staying at a time...No children/No pets/No extra people so it works out so well for us.....and Because of our TEN Review score we find people want something totally different and ours is that "Different", so the price is not the issue (most of the time haha)..If you havent looked (which i think you have)  The Pinnacle Apartments Gold Coast ..............Cut Crystal Glass /Champagne/Vesace Plates/Some antiques 130 year old/Tennis Court/Spa.....it goes on and on..............We are so Lucky and give 150% effort to make the Guests feel  SPECIAL and the interior of the apartment is totally Luxurious and no expense spared !!!...I am not showing off BUT we have the property and the Facilities which makes it such a success.............Review of 10 every year for 4 years in a Row so far. !!!...........I dont know ANY Hospitality Apartment/Hotel/House that gets this incredible score  ANYWHERE in The World................So that is why we are increasing the price....Come over and stay with us and the Champagne will never end Hahah and Maria YOU ALSO.....Inshalla One Day  .Michael and Rita.

M Adamopoulou

Thanks Beast and Beauty!!!



I want everything...the Rose Dom...bubbles...the Belgian chocolates Leonidas...the fabulous jacuzzi...the Channel No. 5 perfume...the Versace luxury  tableware...the Villeroy and Boch red wine glasses...but most of all your personal magic touch!!!


Wish I was there now to enjoy all these facilities admiring the breathtaking view over the canal!!!




Krish Trivedi

Dear Aaltje B.,

I completely agree with you,when the rates are lower,you have to reduce your services as we ultimately doing business for profit.if demand is less availability with be up so the customer demands more.


Namaste From India



M Adamopoulou

I agree with you Michael!


Don’t forget the extra money spend in cleaning and sanitizers!!!

Especially sanitizers are so expensive!!!

Unfortunately, our borders are still closed...lockdown is postponed for another two weeks....


Hopefully, lockdown will end at the end of April so we can celebrate Easter!!!


Better sunny days are ahead...so let’s be optimistic guys!!!





michael beeston

Maria.....You always are.....Sanitizers/Masks...hardly used in Aussie...we are INCREDIBLY Fortunate (so far)


I have 2 Easter Eggs for you guys.......... COME TO AUSTRALIA and collect them, !!!

M Adamopoulou

Two Easter chocolate eggs???

I also like bunnies!!!


How about Champagne ???

Without bubbles I am not coming!!!



M Adamopoulou

Love this photo....the colors are irresistible!!!


Keep on posting...we need some pleasure....


Cheers beast???

M Adamopoulou

Michael.... I guess for a start it will do...

I am sure you have more in your cabinets for  more excitement ha...ha...


Keep on inspiring us???

Sissel Holtaas

Hi! Here in northern Norway we have almost 0 bookings. We had mostly people from other countries because they wanted to see the northern Lights. It is so sad and I tried to change the house from renting a room to renting the house. But I just couldnt make it work. Many of the others around here who invested a lot of money now are going bankroupt/out of business etc. It is so sad to see. 

stay safe! 

Best regards from Sissel Holtaas at Arctic Farmhouse Stall Holtaas in Northern Norway. www.stallholtaas.no 

M Adamopoulou

Hi Northern Norway!!!

Don’t worry... you are not the only one with 0 reservations...

Once traveling returns almost to normal people will start exploring our beautiful world and your country is an amazing one...for unforgettable experiences...


Remember to edit your profile...add your property link.


Stay safe?

michael beeston

Hi Sissel.......................So so sad....lets hope it picks up....good luck and our thoughts are with you during this awful terrible time..............Michael.

K Nirmal Kumar…

With age  45 guys are getting ready for vaccination in India   I think  whether to turn my three room apartment as vaccination center or safe quarantine place until travelers start travelling , is there any ideas floating around in these hard days !!


Hi All,

It so sad to hear about eveyone's struggles to keep going.


We have found that reducing price but increasing the minimum numbers of nights has worked for us to some extent. 


For us there is a signifcant cost reduction with longer bokings - supplies, cleaning and laundry costs,


Since doing this we have attracted corprorate bookings, and people moving house etc.


The revenue has covered all our costs and will ensure we can still survive until normal travel resumes.


M Adamopoulou


Nice to hear that reducing your prices it’s working for you...

What is your min. nights???

Wish you all the best ?


Thank you.


10 night minimum.


If we find a gap between bookings of less than 10 nights, we reduce the minimum for those nights and increase the price accordingly.


It helps we are in the middle of a city were business travel and people relocating still happens

M Adamopoulou

Thanks for sharing your experience...

Location is always very important...



I guess we are lucky because aside from mid-March to late May of 2020 we have been busier than ever, since June 2020.  We have not had to lower rates, but maybe most of you are all charging much more than us.  It could have to do with the destination and demographic as well that each locale attracts.  All I know is that we are the busiest we have been in 17 years, which is quite something.