How to open my property

I would like to know how do i clIm my payments and reopen my property..urgently

Aaltje B.

Hi Veenjit

I don't understand your question, does it mean claim?

If you get someone to stay, (after your unit is confirmed by email or letter, then you will get the go-ahead sign from BDC.

After say a month of guests, you will be asked to pay commission.

Often hosts pay commission to BDC by direct debit, and the money will come off your bank account automatically. Also depending on your settings. Check what you have decided to do at the time of settling -starting.

It looks like your account is closed. Have you paid too late and did BDC close your account? If you pay, they will open your account again. But do give them a message to confirm all is paid. (by you)

I hope you can sort it out quickly and start hosting again.


Aaltje B.