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How to open a room?

Can you please open single rooms for room only from today Monday to Friday at €48.00 and weekends at €55 per room from now until the 30th of June

Can you open a twin room Monday to Friday room only €80.00 same dates

Thank you 

Michael Creedon Abbey Hotel Ballyvourney Co Cork.



Hi Michael,


I'm based in Dublin myself.


So the way I would do it is :


  • Logon to Extranet
  • Open Calendar under Rates & Avail menu
  • Set to List view
  • Assuming at least two room types with rate plans - Single & Twin 


Option 1 : Set Nighlty Rate plan for Single room type to X under the same menu - Rate Plans.


Then using the calendar view for that same room type adjust manually the weekend rate. for each weekend.

Option 2: Dont change rate plans directly -  use bulk edit with selective days of the week


Instead if its only for  a certain period, then you can use the bulk tools to set range to the first price.

Then edit the weekend nights to be different within that range.


  • example in list view click bulk edit.
  • Select the room type 
  • Now set the date range 
  • Tick Mon-Fri the weekdays only
  • select Prices, then Rate plan and enter price 
  • add more for each other rate plan if any
  • click save changes
  • Now untick M-F and tick Sa -Sun and change prices and click save  

rinse and repeat for the other room type



Kind regards


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