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How to receive payments for Sri Lanka

Hi Team,

I have listed my property in the And i'm not listed card payments accept in the property location also. Now i receive a booking for the property. It shows the payment received. But how i receive my payment from (My property is located in Sri Lanka). Payment option in the listing shown as No credit card needed to book. We'll send you an email confirming your reservation. Much appreciate the community help.

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Andrea, as this is only a Partner Community, I think its better you contact directly to discuss your payment options.

Wish you well.



Hi Andrea,

Yikes, that is not good. 


So as you have not completed your partner profile with your property listing URL , we cant see it to view how payment options are.

If you could go ahead and share it would be appreciated.


Assuming its just a default setup. You typically have to go to Extranet > Finance , Getting paid, and enable Payments by


If that is already done then go to Bank details under the Finance menu and put in your IBAN info for getting paid. Select how often you want the payout done, either monthly from 15th for the previous month or weekly.


Alternatively phone the support team to confirm what payout options are enabled.


If they say you must do payments on arrival, and you have no one there nor PoS, then insist to them you have no choice but to use Payments by BdC or you will close account and go elsewhere.

Kind Regards




For taking prepayments and also at arrival, have a look at,, ask them about virtual terminal options.


Set your Rate Plans to only Non refundable and prepaid. 





Community Admin

Dear Andrea Boekel! Thanks for posting in the Community!


At the moment we do not offer any type of Payment systems facilitated by for Sri Lanka. So in your case all guests have to pay to you directly upon arrival or in advance as a prepayment. 


Best regards!