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how to set up payments to own account

just closed direct payment option by as I didn't receive my money as of yet and want to do it myself. How do you set up payment directly to owner and pay only commission? thanks ines 


hi ines and welcome to the bdc partner forum.

very strange that you did not recv your money - if you are on the one payment per month option, you will get the money for the bookings in the following month (ie. bookings in dec19 are paid in jan20)

if you want to get paid directly you will need to email your guests on receipt of your booking with the account details and request payment in advance. at the end of the month will send you an invoice of what you owe.




In the same section where you turned off Payments by BdC, is the IBAN info for BdC, and option to add your own IBAN info so they can take the commissions automatically.


I strongly recommend go back and use Pay by BdC, then set payout to 4 times a month, typically its after every 8 to 9 days, for all check outs during said period,  and in your bank account by 48 hours.


Setting non Refundable rate with min of 1 night also triggers Risk Free option, another win-win.

This has worked perfectly for me.



Kind regards, merry xmas

Community Admin

Hello Ines Bruins! Thank you for posting in the Community ! We would also advise you to visit the "Property" tab and then click on "Policies". Please make sure to choose the preferred payment method under the "Guest Payment Options". Best of luck!