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How to setup a damage deposit

When I try to setup a requirement for a damage deposit it gives me this message:-

Currently, your property is only eligible to accept damage deposits through cash payments.

However, its not possible for me to take cash payments (I'm not at the property) and I don't want to be chasing guests for deposits.   I'd like the damage deposit to be taken as part of the payment through

​​​​​​​I've also tried adding it in as an additional payment but there isn't an option for damage deposit.

Could you please advise how I can setup a damage deposit given this information.

Thank you. 

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Isle of Wight … 1 year ago

"New" owners will always have this trouble.

Contact BDC from your Extranet and ask them to set up damage deposits by bank transfer. Tell BDC that:

  • it is essential that you take a damage deposit to protect the property and to protect the next guest - you do not want the next guest to be inconvenienced because one guest damaged a property
  • you cannot take damage deposits in cash as you cannot wait all day at properties for when a guest might arrive (delays on motorways etc)
  • you cannot expect a guest to wait 2 hours for you to inspect the property before refunding any damage deposit
  • due to COVID, you should not be meeting guests in person anyway
  • you need an electronic record that the damage has been paid (and refunded later)

BDC will tell you that you need a minimum number of booked stays before they allow you to take a damage deposit by bank transfer - you will have a battle on your hands, but keep fighting - remind them that if they don't let you take a damage deposit by bank transfer, you can get fully booked through AirBnB instead

Do not give up on this - allowing guests to stay without taking a damage deposit is a big risk .....

Pcrowley 1 year ago

I don't understand why BDC cannot handle this, of course it's extra work for them, but they handle my payments. I find the damage deposit the most difficult aspect of BDC bookings. Guests just prefer to 'overlook' requests for the damage deposit bank transfer requests and then at best offer to use cash which puts unreasonable pressure on the staff to demand this cash and then face similar demands when the guests leave. If BDC could hold this and then automatically return after 7 days if there is not claim it would be so much easier for the host. I don't see much of a middle man problem for BDC either , once it's clear that this money is the hosts for the period, and only returned by the host/BDC if there is no damage claim/complaint.