How to view and print all income for tax purposes

Please advise how to view and print annual year to date income from my property. I need the information for tax purposes. Ideally I want to view ytd summary of income and not individual invoices


thank you 


M Adamopoulou

Dear Partner In your Extranet In your Finance and Analytics tabs you can find information regarding your revenue...

Hope this helps you.

1 year ago
Community Admin

Hello 708 Flatrock of Long Street! Thank you for posting in the Community Center! Unfortunately, there is no option at the moment to provide you with an annual income report. You can only download your monthly invoice statements from your personal Extranet account. We hope this information is helpful for you!

1 year ago
Carpentier Nicolas



I cannot believe what i am reading! Please don't bother with your genius buisiness and fake market maker tool thing when you cannot just add up the annual income!!

Come on booking. com, every single partner needs this figure! 

7 months ago
Iben Hansen

Seriously? How hard can it be to add up some numbers and put the result in a PDF file?

Even VRBO/HomeAway knows how to do this...

6 months ago