How to view/download my contract...

Not been able to find my contract and download it.

Please HELP....

Leandri Klopper

Hey Hotelpetitvillage .

Oh dear, I also can't find it. They sent it to me via email.

Perhaps ask them to send it to you again. Booking.com extranet -> Inbox -> Booking.com messages. Send them the request there.

I will keep searching on my side and let you know if I can find it.

Best of luck!

Annabel Casas

Hola, soc novell en això i voldria saber si es obligatori fer signar un contracte a cada un del hostes que s'allotjin a meu pis? tambe saber si encara que no la demanin, haig de fer una factura amb iva cada vegada? Gracies

Andrey Shcherbukhin

Good afternoon. Please tell me how and where I can download my contract with Booking.com in the English language. Or if possible-please send it by e-mail. Thank you in advance.

Community Admin

Hi Andrey Shcherbukhin! Thanks for posting in the Community!

You can request a copy of the contract right from your Extranet. Please go to "Account" (top right corner) and choose "Contracts". There you will have a button to request a copy of the contract to be sent to your email address.

The contract is always sent in the language it was signed.

Best regards