I am not authorized to view credit card details

Hi all, 

I am getting really frustrated with being a host with booking.com as I have no control over all these cancellations. I feel that the guests are willing to book and not show up as they know that they cannot be charged. I have set up all my policies correctly; with a cancellation fee etc. but my account is not authorized to view credit cards so I cannot never charge when the guest doesn't show. Why is this and how can I change this? FYI my property is in Bermuda. Thanks all!

Aaltje B.

When I searched your question by topic I got 117 answers to your question. So there could be many reasons. Try that.

Otherwise call the helpdesk or go to inbox, booking.com messages and ask them. It's too important to not do anything or let go just because it is difficult to solve. Keep trying.


Aaltje B.


I have been in communications with Booking.Com since October when we signed up. I have been given a variety of excuses but basically Booking.Com keeps saying the computer says 'NO'. How can we be blacklisted for 6 months? I have asked repeatedly what can we do to get the restriction lifted and apparently I need to be verified! When I ask how do I get verification, I am told the computer has to do it!! I then ask when will the computer make its own mind up to be told they cant give me an answer as to protect against fraud!!!! Whatever happened to human beings being in charge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! None of the answers make sense......

I have 2 other properties listed on Booking.Com and never had any issues with verification to view card details. Unfortunately I feel like we are being discriminated against as we are only a small business. What I dont understand is that our commission is paying Booking.Coms wages so why arent we being given a service by Booking.Com???????? I am so frustrated by all of this as we cannot survive as a small B&B without Booking.Com. I have asked how to escalate this to complaint level and strangely not been given a response to this question. Booking.Com can you comment????