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I am trying to set my security deposit to cover insurance excess of £500

I can't set my security deposit to the £500 required by my insurer. If this can not be done I need to remove my listing immediately



Hi Ian,


You can find that guide by simply:


Click on Search above and enter  - end my partnership


Follow the guide steps to remove listing.


No one in their right mind will ever pay a deposit of 500gbp.


Or change your approach, such as charging 200 per stay.


Kind Regards

Ian Lightfoot

For your information the hire of Motorhomes and Camper Holidays are booming in these weird times and £500 security is the absolute minimum security you'll pay for anything with the correct insurance! Most of the larger hire agents start at £1000. You are not just booking a room you're hiring a vehicle. Go try hiring a car or van without pre authorising a large deposit!

Was my mistake thinking that was geared up and flexible enough to accommodate different propositions. We also need to vet drivers before accepting bookings, so it's just not going to work.



Thanks for clarifying, shame you did not start with that first.

The devil is in the details


No BdC is definitely not  suitable for that type since it is not an actual property, its a vehicle. :)


Maybe they will add it as a listing type in the future.

Kind Regards,



Hello Ian Lightfoot! Welcome to the Partner Community, and thanks for asking your question. Let me share your question with my colleagues. I will try to find out what is possible to do in your case.