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I can not get money from a virtual card. Card is not valid.

Hi, I need your help. My name is Max, we have a hostel. 2 months have passed since the reservation and departure of the guest from the room. But I can’t withdraw money from his virtual card. Card is not valid. They expired their cards before they arrived at the hotel. I could not withdraw money before the registration date, and now I can not after it, because the card is no longer valid. What should I do in this case?

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BrookAve 2 years ago




I would recommend you contact BdC support directly by phone and quote them the reservation numbers and see if they will do anything for you. Or at least at a minimum blacklist those users.


If I was BdC I would introduce a deficit balance against their account for the amount, but that may not be as straight forward.


Going forward I recommend introduce Non refundable prepaid rates, with min of one night for the Risk free option to be enabled.

And for all of that enable under Finance Getting paid, Payments by BdC.


Kind Regards