I don't agree with the new prepaid restrictions!!


Booking.com now hold's longer on our money to get more profit and we have to wait charging the virtual card after the guest leaves the accommodation! What will be their next step? Holding on the payment til the guest was satisfied with his stay!? I do not agree and i refuse to folow this new restriction. And i would like to know how to stop prepaid bookings or reservations, thank you!

With the best regards Michel


This is actually quite normal for the OTAs.

BDC has obviously spotted an area to increase profit that they were not exploiting before.

You'll need to ask BDC to make the change to your payment policy so that the guests pay you directly and in advance. Make sure you have the means to actually take the money before requesting the change.


Hi, we have been taking bookings through booking.com for three months now but the guests credit card details are not released to us so we have to ask them via email to pay a deposit.

how long is it usually before we are automatically given the card details?  thanks


Hello Trish! Welcome to the Partner Community, and thank you for your comment. Would you, please, give more details, so I can make sure that I or other partners can help you. Thank you in advance!