i have had an email to say you cant pay me, but account details are correct

I am unable to get into any hosting side of the website 

I can get into the side i have used in the past to rent somewhere but not the hosting side

I also have issues with the calendar not syncing with airbnb 

Please could someone call me to resolve ***

Many thanks 


M Adamopoulou

Hi! Chris,

Since this is only a Partner Community, you have to resend your message request directly to booking.com through your Extranet inbox tab.

Have in mind that calendar is better to sync manually as it is not sync. in real time and double bookings can occur.

Wish you a good day.


Dear M Adamopoulou, did you get ever an answer through Extranet inbox tab? I never get it answered, only by phone call...


 Hi Chris Hawken


Welcome to the partner forum., not direct support team monitored. For partners by partners.

By hosting I am guessing you mean the Partner management portal aka Extranet 


Simply memorise this : https://admin.booking.com


On Calendar Sync topic:  

  1. Room must only have a count of 1 or option will not be available  
  2.  Sync is not 24/7/365 instant, and should be done manually when you get a booking on another OTA. a quick search on here for calendar sync and you will see this being said 100s of times.  
  3.  Please remove your phone number or the moderator will . as per community guideline they don't want us posting such details even if someone us are happy to call you to have a chat and see if we can help.
  4. Finance section in extranet lhave a look at Bank Details versus the IBAN info on your bank statements to validate. Message the finanace team a clip of the top of the statement if needed to clarify info.  

 If you find  a partner response helpful , a thumbsup is always greatly appreciated. Its the little things. :) Kind Regards



M Adamopoulou

I will give you as many as you want....

Barry, nobody remembers to thumb up...


yes at least 50% do, and I suspect majority of them are native English speaking. It will be the non English speakers that will not notice it, in my opinion.

M Adamopoulou

Dont be so sure....

I think people just dont bother...

It reminds me the new review system.....ha....ha....

M Adamopoulou


In looking up at your listing, I discovered this....

"How strict is the No Refundable Rate waiver policy?

Simply, very strict, due to the misadventures of other previous Guests abusing it. So please read everything before booking. I went to the trouble of writing the auto messages for new bookings to streamline and inform you of everything, so the least you can do is read it all. Thank you kindly."

Did a guest ask you and you answered???

Thank you in advance....


It is a result of hindsight and lessons learned from guests messages over time where they didnt read anything or very little.


I sat down and thought about if I was a potential guest either business or non business and looking at this listing what would I ask if I wasn't going to go and read through everything.


You can visit your own listing and click Ask A Question.


Thinking about the type of people I have had and also some business visitors I put myself into that mindset to see what relevant questions come to mind.



These little snippets of questions and short concise answers can help greatly.

I had an New Zealand woman recently who had not read anything properly and made assumptions on free airport transfer, claim the photos were unviewable and any with text illegible….


I couldn't see how that was even possible, when its fine on all my devices... but I gave her a way out on a rate that is non refundable....


she has yet to take me up on it.


M Adamopoulou

Yes, I think these answers help very much ...

Do you mean I can write  questions and answers???

I thought guests have to  send a question first and then I can answer...

Am I wrong...