I have not been paid

A month ago a guest made an online payment and Booking.com informed me that they would transfer the money to my bank account. A month on and I have not received it yet Booking.com are charging me commission for the booking (which I have refused to pay). I am unable to remotely charge credit cards, hence I cannot take online payments. Open to advice from other partners as I think this is dreadful customer service.

Morgan Borg

Hi I have payed invoice commission fee Booking.com for the latest guest at my cottage. Now I receive information from you that my bank account don work, why - in the past there was no problem?

What shall I do?  By the way it is really not smoothly to find information about payment at your platform. I am about to give up being a host. MY ID is:***

Please help me!



Clive Knowles

Exactly the same, payment is now a month overdue, but have been charged the commission. 

I've spoke to over 20 people on the phone and 15 by message none of them have been able to help ,just repeat that the financial department say it has been paid.

A appalling lack of customer support, wait 2 days for a reply, absolutely crazy 

How many others out there are waiting.?

Should of received payment yesterday for another invoice, not received this.

How can they claim it can take up to 10 days from the due date to your account. 

Charles Thody

It is absolutely appalling. I am refusing to pay the commission on the grounds I've not been paid to pay it! I wonder how many others have a similar problem?

Clive Knowles

I found this on a search

Glen. fogel@booking.com

Email address for the ceo of this company 

Going to email him, maybe if everyone does, he might respond 

Clive Knowles

Hello House of Clive:

We contact you regarding your reservation number *** at the Clive House, with entry date 2021-01-16 and departure date on 2021-01-23.

We have contacted our finance department and are told that the payment has already been made. If you would like to follow this up, please contact them directly

This message received this morning, for some reason in Spanish, so basically I'm wrong and how do you contact them directly?, been trying that for 3 weeks.

Absolutely farcical