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I have not been paid by!!!!

Has anyone else not been paid in Brazil this month? 


The financial support here is ridiculous! They don't have any information about that. 


There's supposed to have proof of payment and they refuse me to send this document.

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Leandri Klopper 3 years ago

Hey Amana,

I saw another post similiar to yours but I'm not sure where they are located. Perhaps they are experiencing a delay? 

Maybe try contacting someone else at : contact one of our main lines 

If they have the proof of payment then they load it onto the extranet. So you can find it under Invoices. 

Best of luck

Conchita Stanley 2 years ago

Its over two weeks now, and to date I have not been paid. Has anyone else had this problem recently? Its just reading 'payment pending'. Does anyone know why this is? Thank you in advance for your suggestions. I contacted the local number in this country, but it is off line, of disconnected at the moment.