I want to add payment method

Contacting book.com has been a little confusing and it keeps asking me for code , I’ve check all my emails and I don’t have a unique code please help me


Your establishment number maybe? A six figure code you were given when you opened your account...

M Adamopoulou

Hi! -Gisellars8 and welcome to the forum. Perhaps you should try and call your local BDC office and ask them to support you.

Wish you luck....


I am having a problem with my dorm
A dorm consist of multiple beds , but it is in one room
When persons book for three are more they intented on paying me for the one bunk price
What must i do ? Cause its getting a bit confusing


Banking code you mean. It's more probably SWIFT code or IBAN number. The best and more accurate way to find out is to call your bank (codes can be different from branch to branch).


@ Sophiadowe

Your question seems a little open to interpretation.

K12 has understood it one way and I another.

To me it sounds like you need to sort your occupancy settings. Pricing per bed in a shared room/dorm should be clear.

Maybe your settings are reflecting a room available for a flexible amount of people but the way the data has been entered is coming out as a single price for the room that should be per bed?

I'm not familiar with settings for a dorm but am guessing they are similar to that of house/villa when it comes to occupancy.

Remember you are selling beds, not rooms so go through your settings again as there will be settings that are not what you intended.