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I was cheated by the customer from booking, what should I do? help please?


I am managing a hotel in Zanzibar.

Our hotel's reservations will not be canceled, our rules are written clearly on our Booking page. The customer booked through, knowing all this and he made a  reservation that is noncancellation type. After a certain period of time, the costumer through his bank and our intermediary company took his money back from our account.

Does Booking have a policy such as protection, guarantee of partners? Since we trust in Booking, we are selling the rooms of our hotel here, we follow all the rules of it, but the customer who is coming through Booking is cheating us. We have serious damage.

What should I do, I would be very glad if you helped.

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Thuild - Your … 3 years ago

Dear Taylan,

Yes there is.

Go to the Extranet, Reservations, search for the booking in the search tool and at the end of the table should be this section:

You download those(whichever applies) and send it to your bank, who can then get the money back from the guest's bank.

This is a chargeback case where card was not present, therefore the guest filed the following type of complain: "Card not present - Fraudulent transaction"

Hope that helps,

Best regards,

Zsolt -